This site is where I keep people updated with all the stuff that I'm currently doing. I ran against the incumbent Sheriff Lombardo in the Clark County Las Vegas elections and technically won! Now I'm running for US President 2020. Scroll down to check out my platform. My name's Chance and I'm all about the proof. I'm changing my name to Sheriff. Can you believe that? Anyways, here's some of my beliefs.

I fight for what's right. I stand up to corruption. I am so transparent that most people won't even notice me around. However, I do boast loudly and proudly. Although, I listen. I look people directly in the eye when we are speaking. I do not back down for anyone. I live with Shell Shock (PTSD). I am heavily trained since a kid on how to shoot guns. I love skateboarding and gaming. I'm on PS4 @SheriffPuma

I strive for freedom among everyone– all across the world. Now I fight for US Veterans and the Indigenous. Help us in our mission to collectively fight for our rights.



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