First thing is first–MAGGOTS! I consume cannabis. George Washington did too! And that fool was President. I'm a warrior– JUST–LIKE–YOU. I'm a pioneer– JUST–LIKE–YOU. Listen here, LEOs deserve the right to consume cannabis. Officers have the worst job on the planet– Most of your jobs are horrible too. You consume. If you don't– then your job is the hardest of all. I'll give you that. Look, bruh. I'm not about to preach how real I am to you or anyone else– I'm all about the proof(AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO).

I'm the type of person who can't stand a fake–person. I intend to put my foot down and squash all negativity in one–fail–swoop. I am a person who knows how to unbury the darkest–of–truth. I fight for what's right(AND YOU SHOULD TOO). I stand up to corruption. In fact– I am so transparent that most people won't even notice me–around. I am so quiet– that whenever I finally do talk– I boast loudly and proudly. I listened to all of my peers when they spoke up.

I look people directly in the eye when we are speaking. I set great examples of how to shake off negativity. I do not back down for anyone. I play guitar– sing– code– write– and I'm quite entertaining to watch once someone finally pushes me over the edge– I am easily "triggered"– and "triggering" me is typically considered one of the biggest mistakes anyone could ever make in their lifetime– because I do not easily give up.

I strive for freedom among everyone– all across the world. I don't even understand how to be racist– believe me, I've tried– my family grew up around lots of slurs and racism– and it's just not my thing. I grew up in rough neighborhoods– so I guess you could say that I grew up fighting– my whole life. Now I fight for truth– and the Indigenous. Why in the world would I fight for "natives"? First of all– "natives" is a racial slur– we would appreciate it if you would just call us by what we are– and have now become– and perhaps always were– Indigicans.

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As Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada, I will revamp the entire local law enforcement ecosystem. My mission is to push to have the Sheriff's office be relocated in the Downtown Summerlin area, where there will be independent research stations for the public to volunteer their time to help Las Vegas solve as many unsolved crimes as possible as well as potential future crimes that may come.

I am a firm believer in Crowd–Sourcing and a huge fan of Pop–Culture Television! So, with that said, based on what I know about psychology combined with all of my real-world law enforcement and military training experiences, I promise to take the edge out of submitting info to law enforcement altogether. We will have lots of new and exciting resources for us to all use.

I promise that the drive to end homelessness, to solve crimes, and to show compassion for one another will never stop. Plus, the drive and determination to support our Veterans shall not perish in Clark County, nor anywhere. There will be no more negligence and mistrust between law enforcement, civilians, and military. We will work well together and we will accomplish MANY GREAT THINGS!

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We–The–People demand JustICE for the insider–trading fraud–scheme that occurred in front of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on October 1st, 2017– and as–Sheriff, I–promise to serve–Law & Order all across Clark County and the surrounding areas. I, Chance Trahan, promise to uphold the Oath.

Being a long–time service–provider, business consultant, certified life coach, courier, performer, musician, band manager, event handler, investigative reporter, private investigator, itermittently military trained–high school droupout, security provider, & humbled resident–of–Las–Vegas since 2000 over the span of 11 separate years, I feel sorely disrespected by incumbent Sheriff Joe Lombardo. That's why I am prosecuting all white-collar–criminals to the fullest extent of–the–law.

What I would like for us to focus on now– is helping the homeless-citizens that are living inside the flood tunnels beneath the big– bright– neon– LAS VEGAS BLVD strip. I am doing all I can to close the storm drains and rehabilitate the homeless. But, I need your help! Donate to Camp Sheriff or you can also Show Support for Sheriff's BandCamp for free by sharing.

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