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Meritus Party is a political party for the new generation of Politicians, Civilians, and Military personnel– with respect also for the elders whom paved the path to greatness for our country. This party's purpose is to protect the integrity of our country and the constitution that developed the freedoms that We The People are privileged to.

Together, we're working on putting a system in place that reports how each politician is voting, so that way you can easily see what each politician is really up to. Up to the minute reports will be made and detailed which offers explanations about how their votes directly effect your quality of life, and how it measures up to the constitution.

Many seedy corrupt politicians don't want this to see the light of day, however, We Shall Prevail by any means necessary. Make a donation to help Sheriff clean up DC!

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Living in the Capital of Alaska has taught us many things about what being a community truly means. We've learned so much about Law Enforcement and how they can benefit from working closely with the community, but not too close. There's a thin–blue–line that should never be crossed.

The most important thing that was learned in the Capital about Law Enforcement was that people whom are wanted individuals can cooperate– and upon capture suffer no incidents what–so–ever. There is so much value in just that lesson alone. Think of all the lives we can save by educating Law Enforcement Officers. We are making this a reality– one precinct at a time!

With this town being such a small community, I've learned that you can have profound effects in politics when you just meet corrupt politicians face to face. Most Politicians have no idea what to expect when meeting people. Some might even fear this. However, working on changing the ways we communicate with politicians and making them much easier to reach out to is at the forefront of our mission.

Donate now to help pitch in.

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Sheriff Puma Talon (currently still named Chance Bradford Trahan) is not only awaiting the judgement for the official name change, but also just announced an official bid for Presidency in the 2020 United States Presidential election. Together, we will conquer all there is to do with having a better life for not only ourselves, but also for our future generations to come. We will end corrupt politicians for once and for all, no matter what this takes! Please, support Sheriff's Mission by making a donation.

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I (Sheriff) once knew this kid from school in Houston, and to me, he just seemed like someone doing their thing in class. Well, one day, this kid– He starts talking about the Presidents. Right there in class, we've got a self-proclaimed know–it–all in the building I had presumed. My friend Nic was quick to confirm that my senses were indeed keen and that I was definitely onto something (I just didn't know what). It was at the time that I had just moved back to this particular side of town again and had just switched schools to the old one that I had already attended before.

Well, this kid just won't shut up about the Presidents, and gosh, he can go on and on and on and on and on, just for–e–ver. So, he gets to JFK, and I just about have a meltdown of mental–anguish, and all I want to do is shut–him–up by somehow stumping him. I think that maybe if I know something that he doesn't know, that this might just be possible (and I can feel good about myself) instead of actually trying to know more than him (and boy, did I fail hard). The kid knew everything, I was no match for his wits, he had outsmarted me with every word I said to him (but the intense questioning had him shaken to the core and you could plainly see). Well, like I said, he gets to JFK and I just can't take it anymore, because he's talking about every single President as if they're still alive to this date, and much to my dismay– when I start in, he– freaks– out–.

The kid in class flips his lid all because I said, "You do– realize that JFK is dead.... right?" He just can't stand it, and he definitely ain't takin' that crap from no-one, and I do mean NO–ONE. He actually argues back!!!! I can't believe this! I immedaitely say to myself, "This arrogant prick is ACTUALLY– ARGUING– BACK!!!!" WHAT!?!? YES. He says, and I do quote, "JOHN FITZGERALD JACK KENNEDY IS NOT– DEAD–!"

I just sit there for a moment in absolute disbelief at what he had just said to me in front of everyone in class– and I take myself a hard look at my friend that's standing on the other side of him– and I'm thinking to myself again, this kid has done lost his fricken marbles.... and I say to this little man who's not–quite–yet intrigued my every sense at this point, "Uhm, yeah– he is–. As a matter of fact.... every single one of those Presidents you just named.... they're all dead. They've all died and gone to heaven, dude. Long–time–ago, bro." He starts screaming like a mad–man gone wild with a handful of crayons and hot–coal. This kid has gone what some might describe as "full–retard" on me.... and then I find out that he ACTUALLY is Autistic, and then all of the sudden, "things make sense" and I feel like the a**hole Larry– from the Three Stooges. Yeah, I look back.... and it's so fricken hilarious to think about the level of shock that I had experienced by witnessing this scenario. I honestly can't control my laughter about how rude I was now that many years have gone by since then (even though this was just meant as a friendly challenge of wits at the point in time).

"Somethin's definitely wrong with his Medulla Oblongata", I would have thought had WaterBoy made a debut on the silverscreen by then.

As I sit here in tears remembering this kid's lesson that he taught me, and half in tears just to know what I know about autistic kids now that I'm grown up– I am just so thankful for the level–of–respect that I not only have for Autistic families, but also for any man that calls himself President. However, that respect is still hard–earned. Here I was, trying to convince someone to believe in a lie. How could this possibly be a lie? Because, those Presidents being deceased only existed in my reality, not his. So, who was I to tell him to stop living a life where no one had ever died? Who was I to stop this kid from believing whatever he chooses to believe? Who was I to declare someone as deceased? Was I there? Did I see what all happened? Hey, stranger things have happened.

Yes, I had started this whole revolution just because of this kid that I had met in Jr High that taught me that I just do not know everything about everyone. This was a guy who was just misunderstood. But I do have to wonder, what if he was onto something? I digress. At the time, I walked away in complete shock and disbelief of what I had just saw. I had never experienced an Autistic–Meltdown before. The most important lesson that I had learned was that you've got to be extremely careful when engaging with and approaching someone with this type of personality. They're special needs, and they require a certain level of attention to detail. They might seem quite normal to anyone on the outside looking in, and often, they blend–in with crowds just fine. But, then many years later I met a special needs cousin named TJ, and some of you wouldn't even believe the ways in which this kid cousin of mine had shown me a whole new world (as "Disney" as that might sound) to way of Human Life.

My relative TJ teaches me how to interact with rare mental–handicaps that inhibit your ability to do normal things we often take for granted, like simply forming a sentence. Instead, TJ can make silly playful hand guesstures to get your attention or to make you laugh (he's got jokes), make sounds to show when he's bored and he wants you to engage with him, hand signal when he's in need of something to eat, and he can also carefully form a single word. His vocals are rarely activated, but are often used to express something urgent, or excitement for something. He loves Cajun music, and in fact– much to your surprise, he'll even let you know how much he loves this music with a loud yell (especially at a concert). In short? TJ is awesome, I love him very much, and to me, he is my biggest fricken supporter (can you tell how much I adore him?). I promised him I wouldn't let him down as many times as I could remember to tell him (or be able to tell him without choking up and crying about having to leave him behind). I'm sure you can plainly see that he has a very special place in my heart, and he is just so cool and fun to be around. And a lot more of us should know how to handle these types of encouters, because the companionship you'll earn yourself is flat–out priceless.

Gee, here comes the tears again. All I can think of is how hard the life of someone with mental–handicaps must be (I've got plenty– I'm thoroughly convinced, and seemingly– so are most of you). See how I do that? I crack a joke to avoid the pain I'm feeling? I come here alot, you know– to the internet– because I get depressed, really–really depressed. Just riddled with anxiety mixed with shame and guilt from my past, as I'm sure everyone does from time to time. And unfortunately, the only way to make this better for any of us is to fix what's wrong ourselves. We The People have to make better decisions, and only We The People can do this for ourselves (no one is going to come along and fix things for us).

We The People deserve to be well–informed, and that's why Meritus Party exists (how emotional this story truly makes me is the reason I've been avoiding finishing this page for so long). With your positivity, support, and encouraging words– I've created fair–news reporting that sticks up for the little guy and asks the toughest of questions to tackle– all with a bitterly hilarious twist (think Mad–Magazine meets In–Living–Color). The time has come for a new generation of media hounds to come in and sniff out the Mole in the "Fox" Hole. A much more honest source that dares to cover Presidential topics effortlessly and truthfully– and attempts to leave no stone unturned. News that defends what's right, and cultivates a Party that's built on fair reporting that is based on facts and on the constitution. A Party that brings the Merit back to this Great Nation.

With Trump's help this has gone very far, but with your help (and willingness for Constitutional Defenders whom are focused on what's right– to get elected into your local districts and Senate and fight for what they truly believe in), there are no–ends to our combined accomplishments in-sight. Donald Trump has set the bar very high, but I believe that if we try hard enough, that we could very well shatter those records. Remember, this isn't just about me– please, help to make a positive change in our world today, please work towards getting yourself elected. The world cannot wait another moment for you to start throwing your weight around and making things happen– ESPECIALLY IN POLITICS!!!!

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