Veteran homelessness is a troubling situation that the US Department of Veterans Affairs should already have figured out, but they do not. Suicide among Veterans is reportedly 50% higher than the rate of suicide initiated by people who did not serve. These facts are disturbing, yet this is a handful of issues that are being swept under the rug. Many Veterans are being caught up in the system, do not know how to file correctly in order to get their benefits, and most of them come back to our country just to be spit on and shamed by civilians. We must restore integrity in our country's military, we should respect the people who have chosen to serve, and we need to make sure that they are taken care of. This might be a challenge, however, we can do this if we try. Our Veterans come back home with Shell Shock (PTSD) and we're not properly caring for this situation. You can't just give a Veteran medicine and counseling and expect them to overcome their situation without a proper set of protocols and procedures. I am a PTSD survivor, I've dealt with post–traumatic stress for the greater majority of my life, and I know what it's like trying to heal a severe case of Shell Shock. Supporting me for President is supporting real solutions towards the Veterans Affairs situation at hand. Together we will bring accountability to US Veterans Affairs and the much needed healing to our military of the past.


Indigenous people of our country have to visit a third party in order to to collect their assets and money. These third parties control every dime, every acre, every stock– everything that belongs to our country's Indigenous people. We cannot stand for this any longer. As a nation, we absolutely need to issue the Indigenous their funds and assets given to them by the American Government, instead of via any type of third-party companies. Furthermore, the Indigenous deserve recognition for founding this land and for preserving nature before us. All we've done is destroy what they have preserved and we could stand to learn even the basics like agriculture from our nation's tribes, which would help to promote a self–sustaining way of life among our society. This issue to me is the most important and should be within the top three issues of everybody's list, but unfortunately it is not. I actually hail from the Atakapa–Ishak tribe that was once slaughtered and had to go into hiding. We come from the South and are spread all over the country. Because of me, they have now become nationally registered, Indigenous languages are being taught in schools, and this is just the start of a beautiful movement that is much needed. Supporting me for President is supporting restoring the Indigenous Culture and Tribal Respect to our land that we all are taking for granted.


Trafficking will come to a complete halt, traffickers will become convicted to the fullest extent of the law, and other means of income will be promoted in order to reduce the need for human trafficking as a source of income. This also includes maximum convictions for extortion, which has played its part in making sure that human trafficking has become a mainstay. Trafficking will be combatted and traffickers will be held accountable for their extortion and slave trade. High trafficking areas are already on watch and ready to be enacted upon. To reap the biggest benefit in this battle we face, we are going to bring home our deployed soldiers and put forth corrective measures by using a state of national emergency, if need be. I have no tolerance for the abuse of other human beings and this will not go down in our country this way for any longer. Nobody should grow up being trafficked, no one should be kidnapped for tafficking purposes, and no one should be injected with drugs without their explicit consent. Supporting Chance for President is supporting a war on Trafficking to the fullest in order to keep the people of our world safe.


Climate Change is everywhere you look. Sitting inside a home is one of the biggest climate changers ever. You've also got cars driving around and generating a bunch of heat. This creates hyper–exhaustion. We will have a small team of scientists finally look into this and tell us what they know. After hearing them out and considering our options, we'll finally be able to have the big Global Warming talk. Did you know there's free energy that's easily generated with magnets? While we're hyper-focused on progressively changing the way we live, we can also look into ultimately converting everything we own into free energy, and at the same time– be able to cut down on emissions and other types of toxins emitted into the air we breathe. We can finally cut the cords and quit having to plug things in. Imagine never having to recharge your phone ever again.


This will aid in the safety and integrity of our people by providing more prompt decision making and actions taken in order to reduce the waiting time to be heard by a court. In this day and age, waiting 120 days for a speedy and fair trial is not so speedy, nor fair. Imagine not having to wait in jail for weeks in order to reach a decision in court over whether you're found guilty or not (especially when you know that you're not guilty). What if court wasn't so difficult to navigate? What if you could get a list of frequently asked questions easily answered? What if court came with a quick and easy how to guide? Wouldn't that be awesome? What if your rights were as easy as written on the wall, or at your fingertips any time you needed? Think even better than that. With your help, anything is possible.


ICE is a federal government entity with limited reach, however, if you abolished the overhead– CIA and then merge ICE with FBI, then you could start to take action on enforcing law and maintaining the safety of the people in our nation like never before. ICE would be authority and would have no more issues performing their jobs adequately with the FBI department under its wing. The CIA should be completely abolished to avoid anymore ceiling–level corruption from within the system. All employees from within abolished entities and that have been terminated from each and every force will have their cases reassessed if requalifying conditions are met and termination is found to be due to corruption from within the branch, or from an incident–related entity. ICE can investigate any branch, FED ICE can investigate anyone. The goal in this is to promote crowd-sourced crime solving by way of public access to the databases through trusted informants & other departments within the state and federal law enforcement and legislature working with each other in order to create a Department of Justice that holds people accountable due to the pressure to perform put on by the public whom are in on the majority that hold the facts. Public knowledge should not be hidden in order to protect criminals within law enforcement, and instead should be shared freely as to bring swift justice instead of helping the aforementioned dodge accountability. You should not have to enter a lawsuit just to get the truth from an entity. In the Law Enforcement DB, a third party agency (ICE) can perform their own internal investigation, and recount of cases at the advice of a lawyer or public defender, reverse charges and prosecute the instigating or offending officer.


Fully fund education til their cup overfloweth. Teachers aren't paid decent salaries for all they are put through. Education should be top notch and first rate. Education should be equal all across the board, no student left behind. Coming from a plethora of different schools in different parts of the US, I've seen an ongoing trend in education, and there's just simply not enough accountability in the politics of school funding. Structuring education in an economical sense so that our students are safe, welcome in the school house to engage and interact with other students, and well fed. Some parents are sending their kids out for school without anything to eat, and this can lead to a lack of concentration and a beginning of a lifetime of bad habits picked up along the way. With education run amuck, we must put our foot down and get more involved in our kid's classes and education. America has evolved into a massive community hub built around education, so it would be meaningful to me if I could just be able to put my foot in that fastly closing door. There's a window in where we can still save our educational system by becoming more involved and contributing to the cause of a better learning environment. Languages should be an elective in schools that can only be picked by the student with no parental input on which language that they choose to learn. Creativity is only nurtured when you actually show someone what you mean instead of choosing for them, and this helps to build a character of your kid's own. We all have the ability to return to school, and to those who don't will have much better options awaiting. I learned everything in school with the help of a great teacher, time after time. I saw them cry in class cause their life is so hard. We must fix education and I believe that you will help!


Proper funding and accountability in the health care industry is needed like never before. Health care should include dental without it being separate. We should not have free health care and dental, however, health care and dental could stand to be looked at and reassessed. No one has repealed Obamacare, and no one has replaced Obamacare, I plan to change everything to a program that makes sense for everyone. I am the only one who can bring about this change, and no one else wants to touch it. I have an ear for all suggestions to make this work, there is no surprise socialism at the end of this tunnel– only putting a bandaid on healthcare so it can feel better. We must get smart about health and realize that there is no more neglecting this issue. We keep what's working, and we get rid of what's not. What is so hard about this? Overhauling health care is a fixation to this administration. We must revive health care once and for all. Many of us are living without stretching in our lives and there's not enough of a culture to promote health and wellness as there could be. There are plenty of us that are amazing bodyworkers, but there's just not enough involvment in physical therapy within the health care industry either. That's where health care will be more involved. Many of us have been in loads of car wrecks recently and we haven't received enough physical therapy to truly make us feel better simply because insurance just won't pay for it. Why wouldn't insurance cover that? Who in their right mind would turn down money? Is there just not enough money to be made on that for them? What gives? I'm listening.


Alienating a parent from the equation is a common factor, domestic violence is at an all-time high in some states, and a Father's Rights are more often ignored than one might think. Custody cases are not pretty, and they are most often not fought fairly. I believe that more time should be taken by several sources on each case, as Child Protective Services, Courts and Local Police have become wildly corruptible and need be held accountable for their involvement and gross neglect. When a couple has a baby, there are certain parts of life that are going to have to be explained to each party responsible for making the baby. This education should be required before possible domestic violence incidents occur. Can we agree that some parents aren't prepared for a situation like that to happen? What would life be like if we were able to solve that?


I believe that it is the woman's body, and she has a choice to go through with abortion or not. This does vary case–by–case as most situations do, however, I am not pro post–pregnancy termination. I believe that there is a fine line between right and wrong and that allowing the child to be born and then taking the life of that born child is wrong. Empower women to recognize their opportunities at advancement. Empower women to be their own boss and become an entrepreneur. There is a major upswing on women empowerment right now thanks to Ivanka and Melania Trump, and the rest of the Trump family. With that said, we must keep building on this upswing because women are the backbone of our people. Women should be equal, there are no exceptions to the rules.


Taxation at a flat rate can cause unfair trade which could become used as a tyranny to those whom have not made it out of their lowered income bracket. Larger brackets for larger income earners is fair, however, taxes do not have to be raised to insanely unfair amounts in order to achieve fair tax brackets for everyone. With adjustments to regulations that keep us afloat, we're going to have to find a fair way to improve the IRS so that they're no longer encroaching on our legal rights by publicly posting our debts. With a more private approach to fair credit reporting, you can expect your debt to remain your business. Going through the motions with debt and the IRS, anyone with debt can clearly agree that your debt should be your business.


Introducing key government regulations that make sure to avoid regulations that cripple businesses, yet maintain the safety of the consumer and employees. I believe in fair-trade, however, the safety of consumers and employees is what comes first. If there are significant numbers of casualties (one is too many), then there must be regulations put into place that protect human life and help to keep the business from losing out on profits by way of liability. There must be regulations that are required to be met to be sure that our food and drink are clean and free of chemicals. Oil companies are also going to have to clean up after themselves, that's the bottom line. Rideshare and Courier apps will become regulated to meet standards to be sure drivers are fairly compensated, and that the personal safety of all parties involved in these transactions are well protected.



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